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Awards & Recognitions

Pinnacle Award for Quality and Patient Safety


Northwell Health


St. Joseph Hospital


Bassett Healthcare Network


Good Samaritan Hospital

HANYS established the Pinnacle Award for Quality and Patient Safety in 2001 to celebrate significant achievements by members in the areas of quality improvement and patient safety. The program recognizes and encourages broad dissemination of successful quality improvement and patient safety initiatives.

Distinguished Service Award

Presented at HANYS' Annual Membership Conference in June

HANYS' Board of Trustees established the Distinguished Service Award in 1979 to recognize individuals who have demonstrated outstanding personal service in the healthcare field in one or more of the following areas: patient welfare, hospital administration, residential healthcare administration, local and state healthcare, public service, and promotion of legislation to achieve better healthcare.

PAC Most Valuable Player Awards

Presented at HANYS' Annual Membership Conference in June

Each year the American Hospital Association Political Action Committee (PAC), HANYS PAC, and the New York State Hospital and Healthcare Associations' Federal PAC present PAC Most Valuable Player Awards to recognize outstanding PAC participation and leadership in political action. The award recognizes the collective efforts of the executives, trustees, managers, physicians, and volunteers affiliated with member facilities who have shown a special commitment to advocacy participation.

Community Health Improvement Award

Presented at HANYS' Annual Membership Conference in June

HANYS established the Community Health Improvement Award in 1997 to recognize outstanding initiatives designed to improve the health and well-being of communities. The Award is presented to facilities and programs that target specific community health issues, demonstrate leadership, collaborate among diverse groups, and achieve quantifiable results.

Auxiliary and Volunteer Award

Presented at HANYS' Institute for Healthcare Auxilians in October

Healthcare auxiliaries play a vital role in hospitals and health systems, and in their local communities. They serve as valuable links between their communities and the institutions they serve. To recognize all the ways that auxiliaries help to strengthen New York State's healthcare system, HANYS established the Auxiliary and Volunteer Award. The award is given to a HANYS' member-affiliated auxiliary that demonstrates outstanding achievements in community outreach and/or advocacy.