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HANYS’ Healthcare & Policy Speakers

As keynote speakers, panel participants, and conference or event speakers, HANYS’ experts are prepared to share insights on a variety of state and federal healthcare topics, from policy and reform to quality initiatives, managed care solutions, innovation, healthcare trends, cybersecurity, and more.

Explore our Speakers Bureau to learn more about HANYS’ experts, and inquire today about their availability to participate in your upcoming event.

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M. Beatrice Grause

Bea Grause, RN, JD

Courtney Burke

Courtney Burke

Chief Operating and Innovation Officer
Jim Clancy

Jim Clancy

Senior Vice President, State Policy
Jeffrey Gold

Jeff Gold, Esq.

Senior Vice President and Special Counsel, Insurance and Managed Care
Sue Ellen Wagner

Sue Ellen Wagner

Executive Director, HTNYS
Vice President, Community Health, HANYS
Kevin Krawiecki

Kevin Krawiecki

Vice President, Fiscal Policy
Loretta B. Willis

Loretta B. Willis, RN, BSN, CPHQ, CCM

Vice President, Quality Advocacy, Research and Innovation and Post-Acute/Continuing Care
Nicholas Henley

Nicholas Henley, MPH

Vice President, External Affairs
Amy Nickson

Amy Nickson

Vice President, Governmental Affairs
James Kelley

James Kelley

President, HANYS Benefit Services
Nicole Harmon

Nicole Harmon, MBA, PCMH CCE

Vice President
Nancy Landor

Nancy Landor, RN, MS, CPHQ

Senior Director, Strategic Quality Initiatives, Quality Advocacy, Research and Innovation
Evan Brooksby

Evan Brooksby, MBA

Director, Policy Analysis and Special Projects
Sandi Toll

Sandi Toll, JD

General Counsel

Have a topic in mind?

We can help identify the right speaker for your audience. Inquire now