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May 18, 2020

HANYS taps into Rx.Health to create virtual care hub and support New York hospital and health system members’ recovery and reopening efforts

The initiative provides virtual care, digital screeners and remote monitoring services for patients and a comprehensive workforce assessment, deployment and wellness program

ALBANY, NY — The Healthcare Association of New York State has partnered with Rx.Health to support remote patient care and back-to-work efforts for its member hospitals and health systems.

The comprehensive initiative includes Rx.Health’s COVereD digital tools initiative, virtual care offerings for patients and remote monitoring to ensure effective deployment of employees while supporting their physical health and emotional well-being. Rx.Health offers these services through its platform partners, including Valera Health (behavioral health services), Click Therapeutics (digital therapeutics for smoking cessation) and Silver Cloud (online cognitive behavioral therapy).

“New York state has been the most significantly impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. HANYS is committed to supporting patients, communities, healthcare organizations and their workforce in recovery and reopening efforts,” said HANYS President Bea Grause, RN, JD. “Through this program we are enabling an effective model that allows our member organizations to ensure that their patients and employees are well protected, appropriately cared for and staying healthy.”

“We are privileged to partner with HANYS and support health systems of all sizes to enable rapid outreach, digital monitoring and health assessment for at-risk patients and to help employees manage and deploy their workforce effectively during recovery,” said Gaurav Narang, vice president, of strategic partnerships and operations, Rx.Health. 

As a part of this program, Rx.Health has launched a 21-day series of mindfulness sessions and webinars to honor frontline healthcare workers during Mental Health Awareness Month and Nurses Week. Anyone can enroll for “21 Microdoses of Mindfulness” by registering online or by texting “Mindful” to 64722.


The Healthcare Association of New York State is the only statewide hospital and continuing care association in New York, representing nonprofit and public hospitals, nursing homes, home care agencies and other healthcare organizations. HANYS is a nonprofit corporation whose mission is to advance the health of individuals and communities by providing leadership, representation and service to healthcare providers and systems across the entire continuum of care.

About Rx.Health and the COVereD initiative

Rx.Health is changing the way both patients and providers think about digital medicine. A spinoff from the Mount Sinai Health System, Rx.Health provides the first enterprise-wide digital medicine delivery system that enables physicians to prescribe evidence-based mobile health applications, multi-media education, wearables and therapeutics to patients via electronic health records at the point of care. The COVereD initiative provides digital tools to help provider organizations during the COVID-19 crisis.

About Valera Health

Valera Health is an emerging health technology company dedicated to providing effective and scalable solutions for integrated behavioral health services. Valera Health combines digital technology, algorithm development and evidence-based care delivery models to deliver personalized behavioral healthcare when and where it is needed most.

About Click Therapeutics

Click Therapeutics, Inc. developed Clickotine®, a clinically validated, fully digital smoking cessation program, available nationwide through a wide variety of payers, providers and employers. The company develops and commercializes software as prescription medical treatments for people with unmet medical needs. Through cognitive and neurobehavioral mechanisms, Click’s Digital Therapeutics™ enable change within individuals, and are designed to be used independently or in conjunction with biomedical treatments. The Clickometrics® adaptive data science platform continuously personalizes the user experience to optimize engagement and outcomes.

About Silver Cloud

SilverCloud is the world’s leading digital mental health company, enabling providers, health plans and employers to deliver clinically validated digital health/therapeutic care that improves outcomes, increases access and scale while reducing costs. The company’s multi-award-winning digital mental health platform is a result of 17 years of clinical research with leading academic institutions. Today, SilverCloud is being used by more than 250 organizations globally to meet their populations’ mental health needs. Global experts have validated the platform through full randomized control trials and real-world data from 350,000 SilverCloud users. The platform continues to lead the industry with its effectiveness, engagement and range of clinical programs that encompass the spectrum of mental health needs.

The Healthcare Association of New York State is the only statewide hospital and continuing care association in New York, representing nonprofit and public hospitals, nursing homes, home care agencies and other healthcare organizations.