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Statement from HANYS President Bea Grause, RN, JD, on narrowing of liability protections

HANYS is deeply disappointed in the Legislature’s change in heart regarding these time-limited liability protections. We are still in the middle of this pandemic. This legislation would make it that much harder for hospitals and nursing homes to recruit healthcare workers, expand capacity and provide care to all patients and residents, with or without COVID-19, during a second wave. In the midst of this public health emergency, we should be supporting our frontline staff and doing all we can to encourage volunteers to step up during a future surge. This legislation does neither, at the detriment of our healthcare workers, hospitals, nursing homes and, ultimately, the people who need care.

The Healthcare Association of New York State is the only statewide hospital and continuing care association in New York, representing nonprofit and public hospitals, nursing homes, home care agencies and other healthcare organizations.