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The Case for Change

Four drivers are pushing New York state’s healthcare delivery system to an existential cliff. Without significant policy solutions and delivery system changes, health system market disruptions may have a domino effect across the state, impacting all providers and all New Yorkers regardless of their geography, health insurance status and demographics.

Dive into our data-driven market and landscape assessment of New York state’s healthcare infrastructure to learn about each of these drivers — and the imperative for change.

Bottom line

Healthcare demand is increasing and changing

  • Growing imbalance in the number of senior citizens to working adults
  • Shift from acute events early in life to chronic (costly) episodes later in life
  • Long-term care demand that cannot be met

The number and mix of healthcare workers cannot meet demand

  • The healthcare workforce supply challenge
  • The healthcare workforce demand challenge

Health disparities persist

  • Disparities in communities
  • Disparities in outcomes
  • Disparities in providers

The healthcare affordability crisis for all stakeholders is growing

  • Consumer unaffordability
  • Employer unaffordability
  • Provider unaffordability
  • Government unaffordability

Where we go from here