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June 15, 2018 News Headlines

Single Payer: New Statement and Blog Post from HANYS President Bea Grause

As the New York State Assembly passed a single-payer healthcare bill for the fourth straight year, HANYS President Bea Grause issued the following statement:

Vermont’s three-year attempt to implement a state-based single payer system contains valuable lessons for New York. Despite the state geographic and population differences, the dynamics of building financing models, estimating impacts on patient care and factoring in medical innovations are just a few of the important questions that need to be addressed about single payer. At HANYS, we’ve identified some of these questions and urge policymakers to consider them as part of a broad, bipartisan, fact-based discussion.

As state and national efforts have illustrated, there is no quick, easy or inexpensive way to simultaneously lower healthcare costs while increasing health coverage and ensuring quality. Achieving these goals in a way that plans for the future, takes advantage of technology and innovation, and continuously advances more efficient ways to deliver high-quality care to all will require at the very least collaboration, perseverance and leadership.

Read Bea’s latest blog post, “Is Single Payer the Answer?”, to learn more about the questions policymakers need to consider.

Statement by Bea Grause: New York’s Hospitals Are Committed to Infection Prevention and Antibiotic Stewardship

Bea Grause issued the following statement this week:

The New York State Department of Health’s recently-released 2016 Healthcare-Acquired Infection (HAI) Report highlights hospitals’ increased adoption of evidence-based antibiotic stewardship programs and improved testing. The adoption of these programs contributes to better patient outcomes over time.

HANYS is proud of our members’ commitment to improving quality and safety. We look forward to continued work with our members to advance performance improvement through HANYS’ Antibiotic Stewardship CollaborativeCommitted to Excellence (C2X), HANYS’ Statewide High-Reliability Collaborative; and the New York State Partnership for Patients.

HANYS appreciates the ongoing partnership with DOH in support of hospital quality improvement. HANYS will continue to help our members advance their work in infection prevention and measurement through active engagement in the DOH Antimicrobial Resistance Prevention and Control Task Force and the DOH HAI Technical Advisory Work Group.

James Kelley, President, HANYS Benefit Services, Joins the Retirement Advisor Council

HANYS Benefit Services (HBS) is pleased to announce the appointment of James J. Kelley, President, to the Retirement Advisor Council, effective January 1, 2018.

The Retirement Advisor Council is a national organization that advocates for successful qualified plan and participant retirement outcomes through the collaborative efforts of experienced, qualified retirement plan advisors, investment managers, and defined contribution plan service providers.

"I am honored to now be a part of this organization,” Mr. Kelley said. “The Retirement Advisor Council is an assemblage of thought leadership from top advisory firms from around the country. Each member is genuinely interested in the advancement of plan sponsor and participant outcomes. The collective impact of the Council is amazing.”

To learn more about Mr. Kelley, HBS, and the Retirement Advisor Council, read HBS’ press release. Contact: Kenya James

HANYS Benefit Services Adds New Leadership to Retirement and Employee Benefits Portfolios

HANYS Benefit Services (HBS), an industry leader that has provided trusted advisory services, retirement plan offerings, and best-in-class employee benefits products for more than 45 years, recently hired three new executives to expand its retirement and employee benefits portfolios.

“HBS is building our team with uniquely talented individuals who bring years of industry experience,” said James J. Kelley, HBS President. “HBS builds real relationships with our clients by investing in a team of professionals who use their expertise to bring successful outcomes.”

David S. Bard, Manager, Client Relationship Management and Consulting, is responsible for client servicing, retirement plan consulting, and new business development. Avon M. Scherff joined HBS as the new Director of Employee Benefit Services. Laura A. Sausville joined HBS as a Sales Account Executive responsible for new business development of group employee benefits.

Read HBS’ press release to learn more about these new executives. Contact: Kenya James