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June 26, 2020 News Headlines

HANYS announces infection prevention-focused partnership with PURPLESUN™

HANYS this week announced a new strategic business partnership with PURPLESUN Inc., a New York-based technology company. This partnership aims to arm more New York healthcare facilities with a powerful tool to reduce healthcare-associated infections caused by harmful viruses, bacteria and other germs.  

“Infection control continues to be a key priority for New York’s healthcare providers, especially in the midst of this pandemic,” said Bea Grause, RN, JD, president, HANYS. “PURPLESUN’s technology allows providers to achieve in minutes what would otherwise take hours. It’s a great option to help them more effectively and efficiently protect their patients and essential healthcare workers.”

PURPLESUN’s novel light-based technology platform, Focused Multivector Ultraviolet Shadowless Delivery™, is unlike any other ultraviolet solution and provides healthcare facilities with a smart, data-driven and sustainable solution to automate the process for disinfection of patient rooms and complex medical equipment. The PURPLESUN E300 product offers best-in-class efficacy, speed and workflow, treating contaminated areas and equipment for the purposes of disinfection in just 90 seconds with 99.99% efficacy.

Read our June 23 press release to learn more about this new partnership. Contact: Loretta Willis

HANYS Recovery and Preparedness Webinar Series continues

In the HANYS Recovery and Preparedness Webinar Series, national and state experts explore strategies and considerations for the recovery phase of the Coronavirus pandemic. Programs are held Wednesdays at 3 p.m. Additional sessions are held Mondays at the same time, as needed. Upcoming sessions are:

June 29: Preserving Family Presence During Challenging Times: Considerations and Practical Strategies
This session will provide guidance to healthcare organizations planning for responsible, compassionate family presence during – and in the aftermath of – COVID-19, and ways you can ensure your organization’s family presence policies and practices appropriately balance risks and benefits.

July 1: Federal Updates on Behavioral Health
This session will provide an update on what is known about behavioral health impacts and work underway to advance mental health.

July 6: Restoring Patient Confidence Post-COVID-19​
This session will share how hospital marketing and communications professionals have addressed the challenge of restoring patient volume by restoring patient confidence.

July 15: Best Practices in a Crisis: Lessons on Patient and Family Engagement
This session will examine the day-to-day practices of frontline clinicians that represent meaningful improvements in patient and family engagement during the COVID-19 crisis and strategies to use if a “second wave” occurs.

Additional sessions are regularly being scheduled. Visit our education page for the latest events and available recordings. 

Court dismisses AHA lawsuit over disclosure of negotiated rates; HANYS supports AHA appeal

HANYS is disappointed to report that a federal district court dismissed the American Hospital Association’s challenge to CMS’ final rule requiring hospitals to publicly disclose their privately negotiated insurance rates.

HANYS and our members have a long history of advocating aggressively to protect consumers from unexpected and unnecessary out-of-pocket health spending. But as outlined in HANYS’ amicus brief filed earlier this year, CMS’ disclosure requirements would not accomplish this goal.

We fully support AHA’s efforts to appeal and seek an expedited review. This is critical, as the final rule will take effect Jan. 1, 2021. Contact: Sandi Toll

Trump administration’s latest court filing urges Supreme Court to overturn ACA; HANYS continues to oppose this effort

On Thursday night, the Trump administration continued its attack on the Affordable Care Act by asking the Supreme Court to strike down the law in its entirety. In its filing, the administration asserts the law cannot stand now that the individual mandate is no longer in effect. The administration does not seek carve-outs for provisions that have bipartisan popularity, such as protections for pre-existing conditions.

HANYS fully supports ACA’s coverage expansion and consumer protection provisions. We will continue to engage with the New York congressional delegation and other partners in Washington to ensure the ACA is held intact and that the interests of New York’s hospitals and health systems and the patients they serve are at the forefront of the conversation on the future of healthcare. Contact: Cristina Batt

Member Spotlight – Burke Rehabilitation Hospital combats patient isolation

Healthcare providers have faced stringent visitor restrictions in the past months due to the risks posed by the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, this has meant patients are also experiencing greater social isolation. Being unable to see family and loved ones for prolonged periods can be traumatic. Studies show that isolation can negatively impact health outcomes and patient satisfaction. During the pandemic, Burke Rehabilitation Hospital’s (a member of the Montefiore Health System) recreational therapy department has been working diligently to combat the anxiety, stress and depression associated with isolation.

To learn more about this initiative and its results, read our full story.

This story is just one of the many initiatives profiled on HANYS' Member Spotlight website that demonstrate how New York healthcare providers are investing in forward-looking initiatives that improve care quality and health outcomes.