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March 26, 2021 News Headlines

New blog post: Pay and pursue: Why New York should adopt this common-sense claims payment reform

Hospitals would get paid in real time for care rendered, while insurers would still be able to challenge the medical necessity of any procedure. HANYS President Bea Grause’s latest blog post explains why pay and pursue is right for New York.

Senate passes HANYS-supported bill to avert Medicare sequestration cuts

The U.S. Senate this week passed legislation to further delay 2% Medicare sequestration cuts set to take effect April 1 — a top HANYS and AHA priority. The bill would delay sequestration cuts for nine months bringing the total amount of sequestration cuts averted by New York’s hospitals and health systems in 2020 and 2021 to over $430 million. The bill is now headed to the House of Representatives, where the chamber is expected to vote on the package when they return from recess the week of April 12. Contact: Elyse Oveson

Lawmakers outline federal infrastructure priorities

The House Energy and Commerce and Ways and Means committees held hearings on federal infrastructure priorities this week. A long-anticipated infrastructure package could be the next major legislative effort in Washington with President Joe Biden’s expected multi-trillion dollar “Build Back Better” bill.

HANYS is working closely with key members of New York’s congressional delegation and our partners in Washington to ensure that the needs of hospitals and health systems are considered as part of any developing plan. Learn more in our federal infrastructure fact sheet. Contact: Elyse Oveson

Share your success story

HANYS’ Member Spotlight highlights all the ways our members invest in and embrace forward-looking initiatives that improve care quality and health outcomes for patients and the community at large. Let us highlight your success — submit your story and photo today. Contact: Mike Pauley

SHANYS launches social campaign to support vaccinations

The Suburban Hospital Alliance’s Herd Immunity = Safe Communities campaign encourages everyone to get a COVID-19 vaccine when they’re eligible by explaining the importance of mass vaccination to individuals and communities. Learn more on the campaign websiteContact: Janine Logan

State legislative activity update

To date, 104 bills have passed both houses in 2021 and 77 have been approved by Gov. Cuomo.

Over the past week, the following bill of interest to HANYS and our members was signed into law:

  • Residential healthcare facility transfers and discharges – adds a new section to the Public Health Law to codify several federal (42 CFR § 483.3) and state (10 NYCRR § 415) regulatory provisions into state law and establishes new requirements related to discharging a resident to temporary housing assistance or to the home of another individual. Chapter 80 of 2021.

The following bill of interest was delivered to the governor, with expected action due March 29:

  • Caregiving visitation in nursing homes and adult care facilities – would require DOH to develop regulations to allow personal and compassionate caregiving visitors in nursing homes and adult care facilities. A.1052-B (Bronson) / S.614-B (May)

The following bills of interest have passed both houses and are awaiting delivery to the governor:

  • Residential healthcare facility CON applicants – adds additional requirements for RHCF CON establishment or incorporation applicants. It also establishes several new notice requirements, including requiring nursing homes to notify DOH 90 days prior to executing letter of intent or contractual agreements related to the management, operations, staffing agency or other entity to be involved in the operations of the facility. A.5684-A (Gottfried) / S.4893-A (Rivera)
  • Repeals Emergency or Disaster Treatment Protection Act – repeals Article 30-D of the Public Health Law, which provides healthcare professionals and facilities with critically important civil and criminal liability protections during the period of the COVID-19 state emergency declaration. A.3397 (Kim) / S.5177 (Biaggi)

For questions on the above or any other legislative activity or issues, please contact our state governmental affairs team: Amy Nickson, vice president, governmental affairs; Katie Gordon, director, research and legislation; Scott Janke, director of state governmental affairs

CDC issues warning for patients who had procedures in Mexico

The CDC issued an alert warning of antibiotic-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections in patients who recently underwent invasive medical procedures in Mexico. Since July 2020, CDC has received reports of eight patients in the U.S. who had infections following surgeries in Mexico. Visit the CDC website for more information and testing resources. Contact: Maria Sacco

WCB adopts emergency regulations for payers

The Workers’ Compensation Board’s recent emergency adoption requires payers to designate contacts for prior authorization requests by May 1. This went into effect March 12 and continues for 90 days. This emergency rule is part of the provisions finalized by WCB earlier this month and provides clarity for when insurance carriers, self-insured employers and third-party administrators must designate contacts for the portal process. Contact: Vic Aufiero

Member Spotlight: St. James Hospital ensures emergency care access for rural patients

Inequitable access to healthcare in rural communities is a persistent challenge for providers, making the use of emergency medical services key to expedient, comprehensive care. When St. James Hospital realized that onsite investment in resources and education for EMS personnel was essential to positive outcomes for their patients, it took steps to ensure training was provided.

Read our full story to learn more about this initiative and its results.

This story is just one of the many initiatives profiled on HANYS' Member Spotlight website that demonstrate how New York healthcare providers are investing in forward-looking initiatives that improve care quality and health outcomes.

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