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A New York rehabilitation hospital “fits in” well

New York State Partnership for Patients was created to participate in CMS’ National Partnership for Patients initiative to improve the quality and safety of healthcare provided in hospitals across the state. CMS recently requested that the Hospital Improvement Innovation Network, of which NYSPFP is an active member, present information on any post-acute organization that became involved in the program’s improvement work. 

Burke Rehabilitation Hospital enthusiastically joined NYSPFP at its inception in 2011. At the most recent CMS HIIN All-Partners Meeting on June 4 in Baltimore, HANYS presented Burke Rehabilitation Hospital’s achievements and would like to acknowledge Marie Spencer, recently retired chief nursing officer and former NYSPFP liaison, for providing the history of qualitative and quantitative information about Burke Rehabilitation Hospital’s success over the last seven years. The team leveraged the program’s interventions, yielding some excellent outcomes and innovative practices and highlighting how all levels of care can learn from each other as work across the continuum of care increases. Contact: Nancy Landor

Published June 28, 2019