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Governor signs HANYS-supported Maternal Mortality Review Board legislation

Gov. Cuomo has signed legislation to create a Maternal Mortality Review Board charged with reviewing the cause of each maternal death in New York and making recommendations to DOH on strategies for preventing future deaths and improving overall health outcomes.

HANYS served on the Taskforce on Maternal Mortality and Disparate Racial Outcomes and strongly supported the creation of an MMRB with robust confidentiality protections.

The MMRB will make policy and best practice recommendations to DOH and will specifically contemplate racial and economic disparities.  To ensure stakeholder representation and hear directly from impacted communities, DOH will establish a community-led Maternal Mortality Advisory Council comprised of community organizations, public health professionals, clinicians and people most affected by disparate maternal health outcomes. The Council will work in conjunction with the MMRB to develop a deeper understanding of social determinants that exacerbate disparities in maternal health outcomes.

HANYS applauds the governor and the legislature for enacting this legislation and looks forward to continued engagement in this important issue.  The 2019-2020 state budget included $8 million over two years to support the MMRB, MMAC and other Taskforce recommendations. HANYS thanks the legislature and the governor for allocating significant funding to carry out this important work. Contact: Kathy Rauch

Published August 9, 2019