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Governor reconvenes MRT to identify $2.5 billion in savings

Gov. Andrew Cuomo offered additional details this week regarding the state fiscal year 2020-2021 executive budget and his plans for closing a state budget gap that exceeds $6 billion.

As part of his gap-closing plan, the governor proposed to convene a Medicaid Redesign Team charged with identifying measures to generate $2.5 billion in state Medicaid savings in SFY 2020-2021 and ensure that Medicaid spending in future years stays within the global cap, which limits the Medicaid program's growth rate.

Recommendations from the MRT II will be due by April 1 to ensure the enacted budget includes the proposals for achieving recurring savings. The governor stipulated that the MRT II recommendations cannot negatively impact Medicaid beneficiaries or rely upon local governments beyond the current structure.

In a statement, HANYS welcomed the opportunity to be part of the proposed process, as we were in 2011 when the governor convened the first MRT. Contact: Amy Nickson

Published January 24, 2020