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CMS releases Medicaid Block Grant guidance to states

This week, CMS released its much anticipated guidance that would allow states to receive a “defined budget,” or block grant, to cover services for certain healthy adults using Section 1115 waiver authority. Effective immediately, the so-called Healthy Adult Opportunity ultimately seeks to cut back on federal Medicaid spending through a lump-sum or per-capita funding cap. HANYS appreciates efforts to expand flexibility for states to best administer their individual Medicaid programs; however, this should not be done in a way that erodes support for this critical safety net. We are reviewing the guidance closely and will continue to work with the state to ensure that access to care for vulnerable populations is preserved and protected.

In other federal Medicaid news, HANYS submitted comments to the Medicaid Fiscal Accountability Regulation. The proposed rule, if adopted, would put significant constraints on a state’s ability to finance its Medicaid program. Contact: Kevin Krawiecki

Published January 31, 2020