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Legislature passes SFY 2020-2021 budget

This week, the legislature passed and Gov. Cuomo signed into law a $177-billion budget for state fiscal year 2020-2021. The final budget includes key initiatives, such as common-sense managed care reforms and liability protections for healthcare facilities and professionals involved in the COVID-19 response.

The budget also includes significant funding reductions, which are especially challenging at a time when health systems, hospitals and continuing care providers face unprecedented fiscal pressures resulting from your tremendous emergency response efforts.

The budget provides the executive with extensive authority to modify this final budget as result of the extraordinary fiscal pressures and economic uncertainties associated with the state’s response to COVID-19. This includes authority to make across-the-board reductions with limited exceptions at different points throughout the year to ensure the budget remains in balance if the state’s economic situation declines. The budget also grants the executive authority to delay implementation of many of the healthcare-related provisions in recognition of the significant fiscal challenges facing the healthcare system.

HANYS will provide a more in-depth analysis of the healthcare-related provisions in the coming days. We will continue to stay highly engaged with both federal and state policymakers to press for critically needed federal fiscal relief and for a state budget implementation strategy that mitigates the negative impacts of funding reductions on healthcare providers. Contact: Amy Nickson 

Published April 3, 2020