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Hospitals, nursing homes and home care agencies come together through IPRO’s new Community of Care Coalitions

As we all work toward the same goal during this public health emergency, the value of community and collaboration has become more apparent. HANYS is working with our partners at IPRO to sign up member healthcare organizations for the CMS regional Community of Care Coalitions and the Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative. These programs provide free technical support and assistance to help improve care delivery systems, enhance outcomes and attain organizational goals beyond the current crisis.

Over the next five years, IPRO’s quality improvement teams will provide participating hospitals, nursing homes, home care agencies and their community partners with resources and support, free of charge. Programs will focus on improving access to behavioral health services, decreasing opioid use, reducing harm from adverse drug events and healthcare-acquired infections, improving nursing home quality, supporting prevention and management of chronic disease and improving care transitions to reduce unnecessary hospital utilization.

IPRO will connect providers across the care continuum with community-based organizations, identify community-specific needs, share best practices and help participating organizations implement interventions to enhance the overall health of the communities they serve. Participating organizations will have access to educational resources and tools, health information technology support, data analysis and reporting, peer-to-peer collaboration, person and family engagement insight and online learning.

More information and answers to frequently asked questions are available online. Email “Yes, I’m interested” to Nancy Landor and IPRO will contact you to register. Contact Nancy Landor

Published April 24, 2020