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Update on COVID-19 response

HANYS continues to support our members’ efforts in response to COVID-19. New York state has shouldered a disproportionate, horrific burden during this crisis. In a blog post published today, HANYS President Bea Grause discusses why New York state and its hospitals and health systems continue to need federal funding as soon as possible.                                   

State response  

As hospitals resume elective outpatient surgeries in accordance with Gov. Cuomo’s Executive Order 202.25 and DOH guidance, they must meet several state operational requirements. HANYS has provided messaging materials to assist members with meeting these requirements and overcoming the accompanying challenges. See our May 5 Member Update for further details.


On May 5, Gov. Cuomo issued Executive Order 202.27 extending the authority for out-of-state licensed professionals to continue to practice in New York through June 4. Previously set to expire on May 7, these critical provisions provide much-needed flexibility to address workforce shortages across the state.


On May 7, Gov. Cuomo issued Executive Order 202.28 that continues the suspensions and modifications, and any directives not superseded by a subsequent directive, contained in prior executive orders 202 through 202.14, for 30 days, until June 6, with certain exceptions detailed in the order.


HANYS continues to update our spreadsheet summarizing the governor's executive orders.


Federal response

On May 1, 23 members of the New York congressional delegation, led by Rep. Joseph Morelle (D-Irondequoit), sent a letter urging the Department of Health and Human Services and the Health Resources and Services Administration to protect 340B entities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The letter specifically asks the administration “to hold hospitals harmless and recertify current 340B entities that are still eligible, even if they have seen temporary changes to their patient mix during this pandemic.” HANYS thanks Rep. Morelle and the entire New York delegation for their ongoing partnership during the public health crisis and for taking this latest action to support our hospitals.


On May 7, members of the New York congressional delegation sent a HANYS-supported bipartisan letter led by Reps. Eliot Engel (D-Bronx) and Elise Stefanik (R-Schuylerville), urging Congress to convert the Medicare accelerated/advance payments included in the CARES Act into a loan forgiveness program. This is a key advocacy agenda item for HANYS in the upcoming response bill. We applaud Reps. Engel and Stefanik for their leadership on this issue and the bipartisan collaboration of the entire New York delegation throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


On May 8, HANYS held a briefing with the New York congressional delegation to provide the latest updates on providers’ COVID-19 response. HANYS highlighted the need for state support to avert steep reductions to Medicaid and Medicare accelerated loan forgiveness, among other priorities. 


Resources and updates

Please see our COVID-19 Member Updates for all of our latest news and notifications. We continue to post resources for our members on our COVID-19 webpage, and invite you to register for our new Recovery and Preparedness Webinar Series. Please reach out to HANYS if you have any questions, need assistance or would like to make us aware of issues you are facing to inform our work with policymakers.

Published May 8, 2020