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HANYS Recovery and Preparedness Webinar Series continues

In the HANYS Recovery and Preparedness Webinar Series, national and state experts explore strategies and considerations for the recovery phase of the coronavirus pandemic and readiness for another emerging event. Programs are held Wednesdays at 3 p.m. Additional sessions are held Mondays at the same time, as needed. Upcoming sessions are:

This session will address lessons learned from the crisis response efforts at Weill Cornell and how this experience and knowledge can be harnessed to help those now facing their first surge of COVID-19 cases and to better prepare for the next wave.

This session will examine how the death of loved ones in hospital settings impacts family members and the medical staff caring for patients. Leaders from BronxCare Health System will discuss their strategies for responding to the needs of grieving families during the coronavirus pandemic and how they've been preparing for the next potential COVID-19 surge.

This session will offer insight into how healthcare providers can shift behavioral healthcare delivery by leveraging trauma-informed practices to support the overall health of the organization, engage patients and families and help address systemic health disparities.

This presentation will provide an overview of the DOH Healthcare Facility Evacuation Center for coastal storm response and identify unique challenges related to patient movement and evacuation with consideration of COVID-19. 

This session will teach how telehealth solutions – from one-to-many models of care, to digital biomarkers and asynchronous telehealth, chat bots and symptom checkers – can create a fully integrated digital and in-person experience.

Additional sessions are being scheduled regularly. Visit our education page for the latest events and available recordings. 

Published July 17, 2020