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DFS tells insurers not to charge patients for providers' PPE

The Department of Financial Services issued guidance to health insurers to ensure that patients are not charged for the personal protective equipment used by healthcare providers. DFS received consumer complaints that participating healthcare providers, particularly dental providers, are improperly charging their patients fees for PPE, which are being passed to their insurers and are not part of the insured patient's applicable cost-sharing.  

DFS' circular letter advises insurers to notify their participating providers not to charge PPE fees, advises that insured patients should be held harmless for these charges and instructs providers to refund any PPE fees that were collected from insured patients. Furthermore, within 90 days of the circular letter, insurers must report to DFS the amount of PPE fees charged to insured patients, the number of patients affected and a description of how refunds will be provided. Contact: Vic Aufiero

Published August 7, 2020