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243 bipartisan House members voice opposition to drug company efforts to restrict 340B program

In response to actions by some drug companies to limit the distribution of certain 340B drugs, 243 members of the House of Representatives signed onto a bipartisan “Dear Colleague” letter to HHS. The HANYS-supported letter urges HHS to use its authority to address these harmful actions by drug makers, which range from interfering with 340B discounts for drugs distributed through contract pharmacy arrangements and making superfluous requests for claims data from hospitals and health systems.


We appreciate the strong bipartisan showing from the 22 members of New York’s congressional delegation who signed onto the letter at the request of HANYS and our members.


HANYS, in coordination with the American Hospital Association and other advocacy organizations, and in partnership with our member-led 340B Strategy Group, will continue to push back against threats to the 340B program on all fronts. Contact: Cristina Batt

Published September 18, 2020