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DFS files civil charges against Aliera Companies and Trinity Healthshare

The statement of charges against Aliera Companies and Trinity Healthshare alleges the two conducted illegal insurance business in New York by purporting to be healthcare sharing ministries for the purpose of evading insurance regulation, while overstating the coverage offered.


According to DFS, the companies committed fraud by deceiving consumers into paying for what they believed to be comprehensive health coverage, but which did not legally obligate the companies to pay claims. Aliera and Trinity allegedly marketed their insurance products aggressively on the health insurance marketplace, then diverted consumer premiums toward administrative costs rather than reimbursing members’ medical claims. 


Several consumers’ coverage for medical services were denied, leading to delayed medical care or substantial bills. Consumers who believe they may be victims should contact the DFS Consumer Assistance Unit. Contact: Vic Aufiero

Published October 23, 2020