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State legislative activity

This week, the following chapter amendments were signed into law:

  • Residential healthcare facility request for transfer (Chapter 138 of 2021)
  • Residential healthcare facility CON applicants (Chapter 141 of 2021)
  • Standards for preventing occupational exposure to airborne diseases (Chapter 142 of 2021)

The following bills were recently delivered to Gov. Cuomo, with action due today:

  • Hospital clinical staffing committees (A.108-B / S.1168-A)
  • Mandated nursing home staffing levels (A.7119 / S.6346)

View our summary chart for a complete list of bills of interest that have passed both houses during the 2021 legislative session, which has ended. We will provide a more comprehensive summary of bills of significant interest to HANYS’ members soon.

Published June 18, 2021