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HANYS Obstetric Quality Improvement Web Site Now Available

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HANYS has developed a Web site to connect members with programs, initiatives, and resources to assist in enhancing and expanding their obstetric quality improvement efforts. The Web site serves as an obstetric quality improvement directory and includes initiatives on team training and crew resource management, resources to prevent maternal mortality, and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s obstetric quality improvement interventions.

In response to a call by Commissioner of Health Richard Daines, M.D., to make New York State the safest place to deliver a baby, HANYS’ Board of Trustees recommended the development of a statewide, voluntary, menu-driven approach to improving obstetric care. This approach would recognize the diversity among hospitals and provide sufficient flexibility to incorporate and further enhance existing obstetric quality improvement initiatives. HANYS continues to provide input to the Department of Health as DOH furthers its efforts to develop priority focus areas to improve obstetric care in New York State. - Christa Christakis

Published March 21, 2008