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St. Peter’s Health Partners dismantles barriers to mental health access

Phelps Hospital prevents C. difficile organization-wide

Bassett Healthcare Network expands community dental care

North Shore University Hospital reduces catheter-associated urinary tract infections

United Memorial Medical Center promotes breastfeeding adoption

Mount Sinai Beth Israel furthers pediatric emergency care

St. Mary’s Healthcare takes action on community cancer prevention

Saratoga Hospital enhances patient and family experience by delivering age-friendly care

Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center facilitates diabetes self-management and prevention

Margaretville Hospital expands opioid addiction treatment

Unity Hospital bolsters breastfeeding rates

Good Samaritan Hospital and community partners secure COVID-19 testing

Glens Falls Hospital combats surgical site infections

A.O. Fox Memorial Hospital reduces staff injury through safe patient movement

NewYork-Presbyterian Queens and community partners enhance pediatric asthma care

Ellenville Regional Rural Health Network promotes cardiac wellness

Mount Sinai South Nassau ensures vaccine accessibility

Erie County Medical Center champions COVID-19 prevention efforts

Samaritan Medical Center reduces opioid exposure in the emergency department

Maimonides Medical Center improves organ donation

Saratoga Hospital transforms obstetrical care

Mercy Hospital in Long Island bolsters access to maternal-fetal medicine

Mather Hospital enhances cardiac care

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