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Gouverneur Skilled Nursing Facility augments UTI detection and treatment

Samaritan Medical Center streamlines COVID-19 patient flow and treatment

St. Joseph’s Health enriches patient well-being through music therapy

St. Joseph Hospital advances emergency department communication

Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital enhances staff safety

Westchester Behavioral Health Center improves staff and patient safety

Geneva General Hospital streamlines stroke treatment

Nathan Littauer Hospital reduces insulin-induced episodes of hypoglycemia

Good Samaritan Hospital improves OUD and NAS care for mothers and newborns

Oneida Health Hospital reduces risk of severe sepsis and septic shock

NewYork-Presbyterian advances newborn safety

Long Island Community Hospital transforms patient experience in the ED

Highland Hospital improves communication to reduce length of stay

Kaleida Health ensures a rapid response to medical emergencies

Cayuga Medical Center reduces inefficiencies to improve person-centered care

Mercy Hospital tackles healthcare-associated infections

NewYork-Presbyterian nourishes food security

Saint Joseph’s Medical Center expands behavioral health crisis services

St. Peter’s Health Partners dismantles barriers to mental health access

Phelps Hospital prevents C. difficile organization-wide

Bassett Healthcare Network expands community dental care

North Shore University Hospital reduces catheter-associated urinary tract infections

United Memorial Medical Center promotes breastfeeding adoption

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