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Pinnacle Award for Quality and Patient Safety

The 2021 submissions process is now closed.

The Pinnacle Award recognizes member organizations for initiatives that improve the quality of healthcare delivery in New York.

Our panel of expert judges from across the country will select the winners, whose work will be recognized and promoted virtually across HANYS platforms. All submissions will be published in a compendium to help raise awareness about the accomplishments of our members.

We encourage you to use the Pinnacle Award process to highlight your success stories and achievements. Referencing Pinnacle Award submissions from previous years may help you garner ideas, identify best practices and network. Completing a Pinnacle Award submission also satisfies the requirement to submit a success story for participants in HANYS’ Commitment to Excellence (C2X℠) program.


Contact Erin Gretzinger, director, Quality Advocacy, Research and Innovation, at 518.431.7744 or egretzin@hanys.org.