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Education & Events

Course Name Date asc arrow Location
Understanding BFCC-QIO regulatory compliance and claim review services with Livanta, New York’s QIO Oct. 18 Webinar
Age-Friendly Health Systems Action Community recruitment event Oct. 21 Webinar
HANYS Government Relations Update Call Oct. 22 Conference Call
2019 Institutional Cost Report audit tool educational webinar Oct. 25 Webinar
Responding to increases in youth experiencing mental health crises: Discussions with state agencies Oct. 26 Webinar
Virtual SWAT 2021: The assault on hospital-based services Oct. 27 Webinar
Fall 2021 Health Information Management User Group Meeting Oct. 27 Webinar
Sourcing the right talent to meet demand Oct. 28 Webinar
Domestic violence training for New York state hospitals Oct. 28 Webinar
Long-term Care Infection Control and Prevention Educational Series: Managing outbreaks and facility acquired infections in Long Term Care Facilities Nov. 3
The basic science of viruses Nov. 3 Webinar
Innovations and best practices from NYS Coverdell stroke care program Nov. 4 Webinar
Responding to increases in youth experiencing mental health crises: Supporting youth in the hospital setting Nov. 4 Webinar
All things Medicare Nov. 8 Webinar
Mobility restriction and spatial disparities during the COVID‑19 pandemic Nov. 9 Webinar
New hospital board member orientation program Nov. 10 Webinar
Fall 2021 IBM Market Expert® and Sg2 MarketEdge User Group Meeting Nov. 10 Webinar
Joint Commission Resources Continuous Service Readiness workshop Nov. 11 - 12 Webinar
Addressing the risks and benefits of artificial intelligence in healthcare Nov. 16 Webinar
Complex Care Collaborative Nov. 16 Webinar
Microsoft Excel for healthcare professionals Nov. 17 Webinar
C. auris post-COVID-19: Updates on antifungal resistance, lessons learned and more Nov. 18 Webinar
HANYS Government Relations Update Call Nov. 19 Conference Call
How respiratory droplets spread COVID-19 Dec. 2 Webinar
How viruses spread from surfaces to people Jan. 6 Webinar
Emergency Department Diversion/Inpatient Admissions Collaborative Program for COVID-19 and Beyond Feb. 3 Webinar
How COVID-19 spreads: A review Feb. 3 Webinar
Models of Hospital-Homecare Electronic Health Record Integration Feb. 24 Webinar
Innovations in Care and Management through Hospital-Home Care Collaboration March 10 Webinar

Additional learning opportunities are available through our partnership with Care Learning.

These programs are provided with assistance from the Healthcare Educational and Research Fund (HERF). HERF is an affiliate organization specializing in healthcare-related education, grants, and research activities.