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Hidden Dangers of eCQMs and How to Avoid Them October 30, 2019
Highlights of Changes from the Final Rule, Fast Tracking to 340B and Capturing Lost Savings October 16, 2019
What It Takes to Implement a Clinically Integrated Structure October 10, 2019
Top Risks of the Ambulatory Surgery Center September 25, 2019
Opioid Lunch and Learn Series: Opioid Use Disorder in Pregnancy: Response & Reporting September 12, 2019
Managing Vector-Borne Infections September 12, 2019
Opioid Lunch and Learn Series: Medication Assisted Treatment in the Emergency Room Setting: The VA Connecticut Model for Initiation of Buprenorphine in the Psychiatric ER August 22, 2019
A High Reliability Approach to Transformation July 24, 2019
Rounding for Safety June 19, 2919
Opioid Lunch and Learn: Educating Health Professionals in Preventing, Identifying, and Treating Opioid Use Disorders: Overview of PCSS and ORN Initiatives June 13, 2019
Influencing Prescriber Behavior and Advancing Outpatient Antimicrobial Stewardship June 12, 2019
Developing a Robust Business Intelligence Platform through Predictive Analytics June 5, 2019
Opioid Lunch and Learn Series: Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Starts Here: How EDs and Medical/Surgical Units Can Connect Patients to Treatment. May 16, 2019
Improve Patient Outcomes and Financial Performance with Real-time Analytics May 15, 2019
Doing Good While Doing Well May 14, 2019
ICR Audits May 8, 2019
Ensuring Practice Sustainability May 1, 2019
Webinar on the New OMH Bed Availability System April 25, 2019
HANYS Opioid Lunch and Learn Series: Partnering Supports for Buprenorphine Prescribing April 11, 2019
Achieve 100% Core Measures Compliance While Reducing Time Consuming Quality Abstraction April 10, 2019
HANYS/MLMIC Webinar: Effective Use and Supervision of Advanced Practice Providers March 28, 2019
Health Information Management User (HIM) Group Meetings - Spring 2019 Webinar March 28, 2019
Prevention Agenda: Prevent Chronic Diseases March 28, 2019
DSH and Uncompensated Care--Key Lessons from the Early S-10 Audits March 21, 2019
Human Trafficking: Identifying & Responding to Victims in the Healthcare Setting March 15, 2019
HANYS Opioid Lunch and Learn Series: Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder: Strategies for Hospital Systems Seeking to Incorporate Buprenorphine Implementation into Clinical Practice March 14, 2019
Prevention Agenda: Promote Well-Being and Prevent Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders March 13, 2019
Human Trafficking Victim Policies and Protocols February 27, 2019
Opioid Lunch and Learn Series: It Takes a Collaborative Approach: Northeast Ohio Hospital Opioid Consortium and University Hospitals’ Approach to Combat the Opioid Epidemic February 14, 2019
Candida Auris: UK Hospital Shares Lessons Learned January 23, 2019
HANYS Opioid Lunch and Learn Series: Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome: Reconsidering the Standard Approach cosponsored by HANYS, NYSDOH's NYSPQC, ACOG, and GNYHA January 17, 2019
Candida Auris Update January 16, 2018
Candida auris: NYC Hospitals Share Lessons Learned January 10, 2019
HANYS Opioid Lunch and Learn Series: Diversification of ED Processes to Address Substance Use as Part of Usual Care January 10, 2019
Pinnacle Award Applicant Webconference January 4, 2019
HANYS Opioid Lunch and Learn Series; Improving Buprenorphine Induction and Monitoring in Hospital and Outpatient Settings December 13, 2018
HANYS Opioid Lunch and Learn Series: Buffalo MATTERS: Medication-Assisted Treatment and Emergency Referrals December 6, 2018
HANYS Opioid Lunch and Learn Series; Information Age Approaches to the Opioid Epidemic November 15, 2018
HANYS Opioid Lunch and Learn Series: Improving Pain Management in the ED; Addressing the Opioid Epidemic October 11, 2018
How Innovation Transformed Language-Access Delivery October 4, 2018
Three Paths to MIPS Reporting: Success Stories from Clients with Different Needs and Approaches September 27, 2018
HANYS Opioid Lunch and Learn Series: A Community Hospital’s Response to the Opioid Crisis September 13, 2018
Changes Proposed in Newborn Screening Requirements September 11, 2018
Caring for Victims of Human Trafficking August 23, 2018
Strategies to Achieving a Consumer-Centric Financial Experience August 16, 2018
NYS Human Trafficking Training Law - (When you click on the link scroll to the bottom of the page) August 14, 2018
Department of Health Overview August 13, 2018
HANYS Opioid Lunch and Learn Series: A Coordinated Approach to Addressing Substance Abuse Disorder August 9, 2018
Is It Time to Re-Think Your Credentialing Process? August 8, 2018
Effective Coordination of Care―The Role of Hospitalist July 18, 2018
SPARCS Submission Redesign Update June 26, 2018 9-11 a.m.
2018 Healthcare Law Review June 14, 2018
Verge Health's Evolution: The Power of the Platform June 13, 2018
Active Shooter Planning and Response in Healthcare June 11, 2018
Update On SPARCS Redesign May 22, 2018
Substance Abuse Screening Billing May 15, 2018
Pharmacotherapy for Opioid Use Disorder May 9, 2018
An Update On The New SPARCS Data Submission Process April 19, 2018
Words That Heal--Addressing the Stigma of Substance Use Disorders April 19, 2018
HANYS HIT Strategy Group Session - Telehealth Update April 17, 2018
Webinar Series on Hospital Treatment of Victims of Sexual Assault March 22, 2018
April 12, 2018
Easing the Financial Burden of Defined Benefit Plans April 6, 2018
Stages of Change: Moving from Contemplation of Buprenorphine Prescribing to Action March 29, 2018
Health Information Management (HIM) User Group Meeting - Spring 2018, Webinar March 28, 2018
An In-Depth Look at Nomad Health's Physician Recruiting Platform March 21, 2018
The New SPARCS Submission Process March 1, 2018
Proactive Surveillance--Oversight, Automation, and Alerts. February 28, 2018
Value Based Payment Considerations in 2018 February 22, 2018
NCQA Distinction in Behavioral Health Integration February 15, 2018
Strategies to Manage Influenza, Shared by a NYS Health System February 13, 2018
MACRA Final Rule 2018: Incentives, Challenges, and Cost Category Considerations January 24, 2018
How The New SPARCS Submission Process Will Be Handled in UDS December 19, 2017
HANYS Sepsis Data Collection Tool Virtual User Group December 5, 2017
Charting Your Path to Achieve DSRIP VBP Goals October 26, 2017
Two-Midnight Rule Patient Status Reviews October 26, 2017
DOH Community Service Plan 2017 Update October 16, 2017
Worksheet S-10 Is Here--What Happens to Your Uncompensated Care Now? October 12, 2017
MACRA: Provider Challenges and Opportunities September 21, 2017
Sustainability August 16, 2017
Innovations in Denials Prevention July 25, 2017
Quality Leadership Dashboard--Demonstration June 21, 2017
NCQA Recognition--The Redesigned Process June 13, 2017
The Evolving and Expanding Role of Project Management Software in Healthcare May 10, 2017
An Overview of NCQA PCMH 2017 Standards April 13, 2017
Innovations in Video Remote Interpretation April 11, 2017
Healthcare Summit on ACA: What's Next March 30, 2017
Streamline and Integrate Your Enterprise Risk Management Process March 30, 2017
MACRA 201 March 29, 2017
Two-Midnight Rule Patient Status Reviews: Livanta to Update Providers January 12, 2017
SPARCS Reporting: The Year in Review January 5, 2017
Integrating Palliative Care into the Nursing Home Setting December 8, 2016
Fast Track Your NCQA PCMH Recognition December 8, 2016
SSI Ratio Management: Proactive Strategies to Optimize this Key Reimbursement Metric November 30, 2016
Medicare's CJR and EPM Programs--Lessons Learned from the Field November 16, 2016
How Complicated is Your Pre-Authorization Process? November 15, 2016, 10 a.m.
Press Ganey Regional User Group Session (RUGS) - Webconference October 20, 2016
2015 ICR Audit Timeline, Hosted by HANYS and GNYHA September 30, 2016
RPC Webinar with CLMHD, Hosted by HANYS and IHA September 30, 2016
2016 Community Service Plan Refresher September 29, 2016
Zika Response in New York State Hospitals September 23, 2016
Analytics-Driven Claims Management September 15, 2016
Nursing Home Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) June 30, 2016
CON Reform Update, with HANYS, GNYHA, and DOH May 24, 2016
Trustee Conference Update for Assistants to the Presidents and Board Coordinators March 30, 2016
Data Analytic-Driven Strategies to Optimize Your Indigent Care Pool Payment March 29, 2016
Optimize the Effectiveness of Your Interpretation Services Through Implementation March 10, 2015
Office Hours with the Surviving Sepsis Campaign March 3, 2016
SPARCS Reporting Changes: ICD-10 and Expanded EODC Reporting February 25, 2016
Palliative Care 2016 Education Series: Overcoming Resistance to Palliative Care January 21, 2016

Additional learning opportunities are available through our partnership with Care Learning.

These programs are provided with assistance from the Healthcare Educational and Research Fund (HERF). HERF is an affiliate organization specializing in healthcare-related education, grants, and research activities.