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Benefits of automating and integrating revenue cycle with RCM February 6
Vizient’s Supplier Diversity program overview January 24
2023 Healthcare law review December 13
The fundamentals of project chartering and design December 12
Leveraging community violence specialists through SNUG December 7
Non-citizen healthcare coverage enrollment workshop December 6
Considerations for information sharing during discharge November 30
MarketEdge users group fall webinar November 29
Fall 2023 HIM user group meeting November 16
The Lean journey to falls reduction November 15
Age-Friendly Health Systems Action Community recruitment event November 13
Health Equity Impact Assessment: Challenges and opportunities November 7
Best practice approach: Days Not Final Billed and denials management to optimize results October 24
Supporting patients with dementia October 19
Telehealth: Challenges and Opportunities October 18
Market disruption: Threat or opportunity? October 4
Mitigating circumstances that can lead to injury September 27
Boosting efficiency and value through compliance September 26
Making Care Primary: What you need to know September 20
Opioid use and OUD treatment: Epidemiology, trends and resources September 14
How Vizient’s Novaplus Enhanced Supply program mitigates essential drug shortages September 13
Addressing health inequities in antimicrobial stewardship August 17
Applying change management to elicit effective and sustainable improvements August 15
Novel Research: How a positive safety climate improves patient outcomes and occupational health July 27
Emerging strategies to keep staff safe July 13
2020 Medicaid DSH audit kick-off July 11
Bite size: Demystifying the Lean Six Sigma processes June 29
Is to err still human? Strategies to reduce diagnostic error June 20
The Healthcare Cybersecurity Benchmarking Study June 13
Go to the gemba: The first step toward quality improvement June 1
DataGen insights on BPCI Advanced: Episode selection May 24
DataGen & NACCHO: Advancing Health Equity through Collaboration and Accreditation May 22
Strengthening your group purchasing program with Vizient and Finger Lakes Health May 17
IPPS payment proposed rule webinar May 15
Advancing capital, facilities and construction spend management May 9
Antibiotic stewardship update: The CDC perspective April 27
DataGen and NYSAASC: Staying SPARCS compliant as an ASC April 11
SECURE 2.0: The first three months April 11
Understanding tracking technology on healthcare websites April 5
HANYS’ PSI-90 analytic report overview March 27
Innovative resources for improving antimicrobial stewardship in post-acute and long-term care settings March 23
Leveraging total automation to reduce third-party risk March 22
The human element: Using automation to restore the human touch to your revenue cycle and upskill your team March 16
2023 Health Information Management User Group meeting March 9
Assessing pediatric claims risks in your organization March 8
Successfully administer staff education: Live careLearning webinar March 7
Boost first case on-time starts using Lean Process Improvement March 2, 2023
ACA IRS reporting: What's new for 2022, 2023 reporting years Feb. 9
Capturing a bigger share of patient revenue: Why the traditional approach to patient payments is ripe for disruption Jan. 19
Transform compliance into an enterprise-wide, value-creating engine Jan. 18
An overview of Lean concepts Dec. 21, 2022
Addressing HIPAA, data security and telemedicine in a post-Roe v. Wade environment Dec. 12
Ongoing intervention is key: Sustaining HAI prevention success Dec. 8
Deploying an emergency emotional support team to foster staff well-being Dec. 8, 2022
Screenings for older adults at your fingertips with Retrieve GED Dec. 2
2023 IPPS final rule: DSH, Medicare bad debt and uncompensated care impacts Nov. 30
Daily management: A framework for continuous improvement Nov. 29, 2022
Preventing and managing patient behavior part II: Developing a workplace violence preparedness plan Nov. 17
Diagnostic stewardship interventions: Harnessing implementation science frameworks Nov. 17
Through the looking glass: How the travel market will be impacted in 2023 Nov. 9
Complex Case Discharge Delay Learning series: HANYS complex case data collection pilot results Nov. 8
Healing, learning and improving after harm: The potential of restorative practice Nov. 3, 2022
New York Healthcare Cyber Alliance Cybersecurity Forum Nov. 2
2020 ICR Audit Webinar Nov. 1
Complex case discharge delay learning series: Documentation strategies to facilitate timely discharge for individuals with I/DD October 20, 2022
Utilizing the healthcare network to achieve maximum results: Implementation of an antibiotic stewardship initiative in a large urgent care network Oct. 13
How strong compliance creates value for the healthcare organization Oct. 11
Enhancing Oncology Model: DataGen Baseline Analysis Sept. 30
Best practices to combat denials: Keep calm and appeal like a lawyer Sept. 28
Digital transformation and the modern user experience Sept. 27
Partnering with law enforcement Sept. 27, 2022
New Joint Commission requirements to improve healthcare equity Sept. 22
A dose of caution: Addressing medication safety in your organization Sept. 21
From underpayments to incorrect denials: How to identify payer violations and efficiently recover lost revenue for NY providers Sept. 13
NYS Sepsis Improvement Committee Networking Group Aug. 30
Complex case discharge delay learning series: Insurance eligibility and authorization Aug. 25
OMIG proposed regulations deep dive Aug. 25
How to use the TAP Strategy to prevent HAIs Aug. 25
7 P2P problems hurting your bottom line Aug. 18
Key components of the Medicare outpatient payment proposed rule for CY 2023 Aug. 17
OPWDD draft strategic plan: An opportunity for questions and feedback Aug. 11
Building diagnostic excellence: Tools for the journey Aug. 4
Healthcare privacy in a digital world July 26
Advanced strategies for a coordinated response July 21, 2022
Medicare home health proposed rule webinar July 11
Antibiotic stewardship update: The CDC perspective July 7
Using AHA’s Health Equity Roadmap to address healthcare disparities June 23
Improving health equity: Leadership considerations for moving beyond June 9
Making sense of public hospital quality ratings for healthcare trustees June 9
Condition critical: The emergency department liability experience June 8
2019 Medicaid DSH audit kick-off webinar June 2
Spring 2022 Health Information Management User Group Meeting May 26
Using rapid PDSA cycles to ease staffing crises May 25, 2022
The root causes of racism and reversing its effect on healthcare May 19
Discriminatory patient behavior May 19, 2022
Recovering an additional 1-3% of net patient revenue per year and staying compliant May 12
Successfully implementing communication resolution programs May 5
Understanding HIPAA’s marketing restrictions May 3
Medicare post-acute care and inpatient psychiatric facility proposed rules May 3
Complex case discharge delay learning series: The Family Healthcare Decision Act and Article 17A guardianship April 21, 2022
Reinvigorating HAI prevention strategies April 21
Adapting for adversity: Creating a continuous improvement coaching curriculum during COVID-19 March 23, 2022
A best practice approach to profit recovery March 17
Innovations in Care and Management through Hospital-Home Care Collaboration March 10, 2022
Maximizing 340B savings at contract pharmacies: How hospitals are recovering $2.5M a year from 'non-eligible' prescriptions March 10
Professional liability trends: Where we were, where we are, where we’re going March 9
HANYS complex case discharge delay data pilot March 1
Leveraging the emergency department to improve antibiotic use Feb. 16
Emergency Department Diversion/Inpatient Admissions Collaborative Program for COVID-19 and Beyond Feb. 3
Basic life support certification blitz: How to meet the demand Jan. 26, 2022
Opioid use and OUD treatment during COVID-19 and beyond Jan. 13
Healthcare innovation and 5G Jan. 12
Long-term Care Infection Control and Prevention Educational Series: Improving antibiotic use in long-term care Jan. 5, 2022
The lasting impact of COVID-19 on the social determinants of health Dec. 14
Surprise billing: The No Surprises Act and New York's Out-of-Network Consumer Protection Law Dec. 10
The social determinants of antibiotic prescribing: Moving toward a more Dec. 9
Improving your revenue cycle outcomes through revenue intelligence Dec. 8
Expanding the purpose of virtual critical care Dec. 2
Long-term Care Infection Control and Prevention Educational Series: Occupational and resident health & Environmental cleaning and disinfection Dec. 1, 2021
Clinical staffing committee best practices: Regional medical centers Nov. 30
Patient Centered Medical Home – Overview of core criteria and annual reporting 2022 Nov. 19
C. auris post-COVID-19: Updates on antifungal resistance, lessons learned and more Nov. 18
Addressing the risks and benefits of artificial intelligence in healthcare Nov. 16
Complex Care Collaborative Nov. 16
Clinical staffing committee best practices: Integrated health system Nov. 15
All things Medicare Nov. 8
Innovations and best practices from NYS Coverdell stroke care program Nov. 4
Responding to increases in youth experiencing mental health crises: Supporting youth in the hospital setting Nov. 4
Long-term Care Infection Control and Prevention Educational Series: Managing outbreaks and facility acquired infections in Long Term Care Facilities Nov. 3
Domestic violence training for New York state hospitals Oct. 28
Responding to increases in youth experiencing mental health crises: Discussions with state agencies Oct. 26
2019 Institutional Cost Report audit tool educational webinar Oct. 25
Age-Friendly Health Systems Action Community recruitment event Oct. 21
Selecting and implementing PROs and PROMs in a clinical setting Oct. 14
Home Asthma Management, A Collaborative Effort to Reduce the Burden of? Pediatric and? Young Adult Asthma Oct. 7
Point of Dispensing Collaborative to Reach Underserved Populations Sept. 29
HANYS Recovery and Preparedness Webinar Series: Vaccinating our team: From rollout to mandate Sept. 21
Turning the Tide: Remote learning and family inequity during the COVID-19 pandemic Sept. 14
Acute Care at Home Model developed in the COVID-19 Surge Sept. 9
Understanding the current cyber insurance marketplace Sept. 2
Cybersecurity practices for ERISA retirement plans Aug. 25
Designing and developing a data-driven idea system Aug. 18, 2021
Turning the Tide: RAPID: A multi-wave study of risk perception, information seeking and protective action in COVID 19 Aug. 10
Envisioning the hospital room of the future July 22
HANYS Recovery and Preparedness Webinar Series: Using pandemic simulation to train healthcare leaders July 21
Community Health Workers and COVID-19: Rising to the Challenge July 13,2021
Outcomes and combating resistance with antibiotic stewardship July 8
Considerations and interventions for patients with I/DD July 8, 2021
The role of security June 24, 2021
An overview of MCAG’s Class Action Settlement Recovery Service June 16
Managing variability in patient flow: Strategies for improving care access, quality and safety June 15, 2021
Standards and liability June 10, 2021
Use of simulation training and considerations for pediatrics May 20, 2021
HANYS Recovery and Preparedness Webinar Series: How approaching vaccine hesitancy with compassion led a nursing home leader to success May 19
Medicaid DSH Audit Tool Walkthrough May 18
HANYS Recovery and Preparedness Webinar Series: Drivers and strategies for overcoming COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy May 12
Medicaid DSH Audit Kick-off May 11
Turning the Tide: Understanding and Eliminating Minority Health Disparities: Black and Latinx Mental Health Disparities: Telemental Health Services May 11,2021
Behavioral Telehealth Solutions May 6
The causes and impacts of patient behavior May 5, 2021
Ebola: Essential knowledge for the clinician and public health practitioner April 22
Complex Case Discharge Delay Learning Series: Leveraging the Data April 20
HANYS Recovery and Preparedness Webinar Series: Post COVID-19: Caring for patients with long-term symptoms April 14, 2021
The Language of Bias April 14, 2021
Turning the tide: The Impact of COVID-19 on Sexual and Reproductive Health Disparities: Perspectives of Frontline Providers in New York State April 13,2021
HANYS and Donate Life NYS introduce Registry Partner Portals April 12, 2021
Innovative technology in ER and triage care April 1, 2021
HANYS Recovery and Preparedness Webinar Series: Leveraging the acute care health system to support long-term care during COVID-19 March 31, 2021
HANYS Recovery and Preparedness Webinar Series: COVID-19: Bacterial and fungal co-infections; Update for clinicians, antimicrobial stewards and infection preventionists March 24, 2021
HANYS/MLMIC: Beyond the Behavioral Health Unit: Managing Mental Health Slides
HANYS Recovery and Preparedness Webinar Series: MSSNY – Physician Wellness and Peer-to-Peer Program March 17, 2021
Turning the Tide: Understanding and Eliminating Minority Health Disparities: Serving Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Patients Amid and Beyond COVID-19 March 9,2021
Update to the "New" SPARCS Submission Process Feb. 25, 2021
ED flow optimization using discrete event simulation Feb. 24, 2021
HANYS Recovery and Preparedness Webinar Series: Hospitalization at Home and the Public Health Emergency Expansion February 24, 2021
Guidance on accounting for CARES Act funding with KPMG February 19, 2021
Turning the Tide: Understanding and Eliminating Minority Health Disparities: Community-engaged Strategies to Address COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy and Mitigate Health Disparities in Minority Populations February 9, 2021
HANYS Recovery and Preparedness Webinar Series: Advancing Healthcare Professional Well-being During and After a Pandemic: Frameworks to Guide your Approach February 8, 2021
HANYS Recovery and Preparedness Webinar Series: Healthcare Workers’ Preferences for Support and Sources of Distress February 1, 2021
The 'People Side' of Change Management: Essential to Achieving Sustainable Change Jan. 27, 2021
HANYS Recovery and Preparedness Webinar Series: Severe COVID-19 Infection and ARDS: Managing Patient Care January 20, 2021
Quantifying the Extent of Minority Health Disparities Experienced with COVID-19 January 13,2021
HANYS Recovery and Preparedness Webinar Series: Outpatient monoclonal treatment for COVID-19 from A to Z: Mount Sinai Health System’s experience January 13, 2021
HANYS Recovery and Preparedness Webinar Series: Providing Patient Care under Extraordinary Conditions during COVID-19: Lessons Learned January 11, 2021
Emergency Staffing Solutions Jan. 7

Additional learning opportunities are available through our partnership with Care Learning.

These programs are provided with assistance from the Healthcare Educational and Research Fund (HERF). HERF is an affiliate organization specializing in healthcare-related education, grants, and research activities.