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HANYS Disparities Series: Creating a Reduced Bias Care Encounter

November 12, 2020

Noon - 1 p.m.

Registration is open to HANYS Members Only

Description: This session will bring together the concepts of person-centered care as a potential solution to the bias discussed in the series. You will be challenged to identify processes, policies and other organizational attributes that are creating an unintentional bias.

Presenter: Jim Kinsey, vice president, engagement strategies and continuum care services, Planetree International

This webinar is part of the Disparities Series 2020: Person-Centered Care as a Solution to Bias. Additional sessions are listed below.

Everyone wants to believe that healthcare is an equalizer, where the critical issue is care and compassion. The reality is that bias, both explicit and implicit, creates a far too often negative care encounter. The ability to deliver care in a non-biased manner means we must acknowledge that bias exists, understand how it is sustained and define ways to create unbiased experiences for individuals.

People want care that aligns with their personhood and preferences. Each session in this series builds upon the previous. However, it is not necessary to attend each session to have a positive learning experience. Each session will include tools for improving your patient experience and staff satisfaction in your organization as they relate to the reduction of bias.

June 17: Race and healthcare: Systemic racism and its impact on care

August 6, 2020: Gender, age and ability: A Venn diagram of implicit bias

Continuing Education Credits
There are no continuing education credits associated with this webinar.

For more information about this program, contact Erin Gretzinger, associate director, Quality Advocacy, Research, and Innovation, at (518) 431-7744 or egretzin@hanys.org.

If you have questions regarding registration please contact Registration Support at learning@hanys.org or at (518) 431-7867.

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