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Amending HIPAA Policies for Information Blocking Exceptions: Security, Infeasibility and HIT Performance

November 2, 2020

2 – 3:30 p.m.

Registration is open to HANYS Members and Non Members

This second workshop will focus on the health information technology and health information exchange/health information network angle, but from a provider’s perspective. You will explore in further detail the security, IT infeasibility and HIT performance as exceptions to information blocking.

This workshop will focus on certified HIT and HIEs/HINs from a healthcare provider perspective covering:

  • what constitutes “information blocking” (i.e., “interfere with,” “prevent” or “materially discourage”) by developers of Certified HIT and HIEs/HINs, including discussion of specific use case examples;
  • ONC-recommended “minimum” privacy policies and procedures for third-party apps;
  • how to implement the “security” exception;
  • how to implement the “infeasibility” exception;
  • how to implement the “HIT performance” exception;
  • impact of the “licensing” exception;
  • impact of the HIT “fees” exception;

Helen Oscislawski, Esq, Attorney at Law, Managing Partner attorneys at Oscislawski LLC HANYS

Information Blocking Regulatory Workshops
This webinar is part of two workshops for hospitals and other healthcare providers looking to take proactive steps to revise their data-sharing policies and implement other documentation required to comply with the information blocking final rules. Each distinct workshop offers a 90-minute, deep dive into applicable definitions, exceptions to otherwise prohibited information blocking practices and specific use cases and examples. Additional session listed below:

Oct. 29: Amending HIPAA Policies for Information Blocking Exceptions: Patient Access and Preventing Harm, Privacy and Content and Manner

For more information about this session contact Thomas Hallisey, director, Health Information Technology, thallise@hanys.org

If you have questions regarding registration, please contact Registration Support at learning@hanys.org or (518) 431-7867.

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