Innovation Spotlight: New York Hospitals Are Improving Health, Enhancing Quality, and Reducing Costs.

Crouse Hospital Partners with EMS to Improve Quality of Care

Efficient transitions in care are critical to patient well-being. However, when a patient is transferred from one healthcare setting to another, there is often significant efficiency loss. Crouse Hospital in Syracuse partnered with the local emergency medical services (EMS) community to improve transitions from the pre-hospital setting to the hospital emergency department. Crouse and the EMS community integrated Lean Six Sigma strategies for hospital staff and EMS providers to improve the quality and process of care between community-based EMS providers and hospitals.

As a result of changes put in place and lessons learned, Crouse and the EMS community have reduced the "hand-off" times from EMS to the emergency department team significantly, which benefits both the patient and the EMS providers, who are able to get back in service quicker so they can care for more patients.