Innovation Spotlight: New York Hospitals Are Improving Health, Enhancing Quality, and Reducing Costs.

Kaleida Health Improves Safety and Quality for Employees and Patients

Kaleida Health proactively took steps to decrease the risk of injury to healthcare workers related to patient repositioning and transfers through the implementation of their Safe Patient Handling (SPH) program. The result of those measures impacted quality and length-of-stay, and improved patient experience. Data analysis showed hospital and long-term care professional and frontline employees represented a high percentage of Workers' Compensation costs and injuries that occurred while providing patient care.

Kaleida implemented their SPH program to reduce workplace injuries. They conducted a system-wide rollout of hands-on SPH equipment training and an introduction to their SPH policy. The SPH curriculum was delivered in a 3.5 hour training course for all licensed and unlicensed nursing and therapy personnel, imaging staff, and transporting staff.

Kaleida realized a return on their investment in less than three years post-implementation of the SPH program, with a 73% reduction in loss of work days. The reduction in Workers' Compensation claims continues today. Comparing 2013 to 2015, Kaleida Health experienced $2 million in savings from a 30% reduction in claims. Kaleida Health also continues to experience SPH success and quality improvement through safe, early mobilization of patients, diligent monitoring of the program, and ongoing risk assessment, along with decreased length-of-stay and improved patient experience.