Innovation Spotlight: New York Hospitals Are Improving Health, Enhancing Quality, and Reducing Costs.

Northwell Health Increases Patient Satisfaction with Hospitality Focus

The feeling of being truly cared for leaves a lasting impression and aids in the healing process. That is why Northwell Health in Queens launched an initiative to change the emphasis of patient care from service to hospitality.

Northwell Health created a healthcare-specific hospitality curriculum, focused on hospitality, mutual respect, empathy, and teamwork. At the end of these classes, 5,000 staff members sign a commitment to care certificate, signifying their commitment to patient- and family-centeredness. A staff Hospitality Observation Team travels throughout the hospital to observe and anonymously reward employees for exceptional care and does follow-up on anything that needs improvement. Since beginning the program, compliments from patients about their entire hospital experience have significantly increased and the hospital has received high patient satisfaction scores on patient surveys.