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Sisters of Charity Hospital Fosters Spirituality with Staff Prayer Huddles

Sisters of Charity Hospital is taking a new approach to improve associate satisfaction, knowing that it links to improved patient satisfaction and outcomes. Research connects nursing spirituality to "organizational citizenship behavior," which is associated with greater nurse connection to the patient and organization. National literature reveals a stronger focus on the need for nurses to participate in self-care as the transformation of healthcare creates additional stress on its frontline care providers.

The idea of a "prayer huddle" is to nurture associates' spiritual well-being in a way that validates the importance of their patient care delivery and enhances the connection to the organization's mission and values. Rounds, consisting of a leadership member and spiritual care rounding on the units, offer an opportunity to huddle and pray together. Huddles focus on inclusivity and spirituality, rather than religion, and have included a Buddhist monk meditation, Judean prayer, Muslim blessing, St. Paul's words, and the Good Samaritan story.

Huddles create a greater sense of teamwork (critical for safety) and establish an opportunity for associate recognition by leadership, particularly on the night shift. Overall patient satisfaction improved from 70.9% in 2013 to 72.1% in 2014, and Culture of Safety scores improved.