Innovation Spotlight: New York Hospitals Are Improving Health, Enhancing Quality, and Reducing Costs.

Southampton Hospital Expands to Serve South Fork

Montauk, on the extreme east end of Long Island, is one of New York's most beloved vacation spots. It is beautiful, isolated, and for most of its history, medically under—served. When the local community discovered they were about to lose their sole family practice physician, they turned to Southampton Hospital.

Southampton Hospital was already in the process of creating a stable, innovative, and expanded primary care network for the entire South Fork of Long Island—and rapidly responded to Montauk's need for care.

With the support of the Montauk residents, a thriving new medical facility—linked to the hospital through an advanced medical records system, two physicians, a physician's assistant, and family practice residents—now delivers primary care services to Montauk's year-round and summer populations.