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Staten Island University Hospital Helps Patient Attend Wedding

A patient at Staten Island University Hospital (SIUH) was very upset when she thought she would have to miss her daughter's wedding due to an unexpected prolonged hospitalization. But this mother's prayers were answered in a creative way by SIUH's Patient Representation Department. In keeping with SIUH's hospital-wide goal to excel and work as a team to deliver an excellent patient experience, the Patient Representation Department found a way for this mother to attend her daughter's wedding.

The Patient Representation Department collaborated with the family and the hospital's Information Services and Telecommunications teams to use Skype so this mother could attend her daughter's wedding "virtually." Hospital staff even decorated the mother's hospital room with balloons and flowers, and did her hair and makeup for the occasion. After the mother got a "front row seat" to her daughter's big day, the bride and groom surprised her with a visit to her hospital room. Overjoyed, the mother shared, "I can't thank the staff enough for all they did for me and my family."