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August 25, 2010 News Headlines

William Allison Joins HANYS as Vice President of Fiscal Policy

HANYS is pleased to announce William Allison has been appointed Vice President of Fiscal Policy. In this role, he will work closely with the Association’s membership to develop consensus on fiscal policy issues, and leverage HANYS’ analytical and communication resources to advocate effectively on their behalf.

Mr. Allison has extensive, high-level experience in health care finance and delivery in New York State. In the 1970's he was chief financial officer (CFO) and chief executive officer (CEO) at Lutheran Hospital in Brooklyn, and subsequently served as vice president of financial planning at St. Vincent's Catholic Medical Center; from 1980 to 1985 Mr. Allison held the position of controller at South Nassau Communities Hospital; and from 1985 to 2010, he served in variety of executive capacities at Catholic Health Services of Long Island, including hospital chief operating officer, CFO, and CEO.

Mr. Allison received his B.S. and M.B.A. from St. John’s University, and his M.P.A. from New York University.

President Obama Proposes Amendments to Increase HRSA Account for Health Care Workforce Training Enhancements

In a letter Friday to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, President Obama asked Congress to consider reallocating $400 million in proposed appropriations for the Department of Health and Human Services in fiscal year 2011. Part of this proposal would reduce funding to the Centers for Disease Control for public health emergency preparedness to provide an additional $250 million in funding for training to address the expected demand for primary care providers and the geriatric health professions workforce. HANYS will post any grant opportunities related to this funding as information becomes available.

Contact: Sherry Chorost

HANYS to Help Train Hospitals for Collaborative Disaster Planning

The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) received grant funds from Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency to develop free, Web-based training for Building Collaborative Disaster Planning Processes Between Hospitals and Emergency Management.

A Webconference will be held in New York featuring a panel of state subject matter experts (SMEs) which will include a representative from HANYS.

The course is directed toward those working in emergency management agencies and health care organizations whose primary job responsibilities do not include disaster preparedness, especially in small communities and rural areas. It is also useful for those in public health, emergency medical, fire, and other services related to disaster preparedness. This course focuses on enhancing collaborative community preparedness for the medical needs of disaster victims.

Contact: Christopher Smith

HANYS Hosts Webconference on DNV Accreditation Program

At members’ request, HANYS hosted a Webconference to provide information about the Det Norske Veritas Healthcare, Inc.’s (DNV) accreditation program, the National Integrated Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations (NIAHO). This was the first in a series of Webconferences HANYS will offer members to provide an in-depth look at the various accreditation options available.

During the Webconference, Patrick Horine, Executive Vice President of Accreditation at DNV Healthcare, provided an overview of the NIAHO program and answered questions from participants. A recording of the Webconference is available for members on HANYS Web site.

In 2008, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services approved DNV’s NIAHO program for hospital accreditation. NIAHO conducts an annual survey and integrates ISO 9001 criteria with the Medicare Conditions of Participation into its requirements.

Contact: Christa Christakis