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Single payer: HANYS asserts opposition to New York Health Act

In testimony submitted for a joint legislative hearing of the Senate and Assembly health committees Tuesday, May 28, HANYS President Bea Grause expressed HANYS’ opposition to the New York Health Act (S.3577/A.5248), which would establish a single payer system in New York.

Our testimony stated that while we support the goal of universal coverage, we oppose passage of NYHA because of concerns about how a state-based single payer system would be funded, how hospitals and doctors would be paid and the effect such a system would have on healthcare innovation.

"Implementing the New York Health Act without first understanding the reasons for healthcare spending growth and second having sound strategies to manage costs would be a grave mistake."

HANYS emphasized our serious concerns that under this bill, provider reimbursement across the state would be reduced, which could lead to financial instability, reduced services and constrained access to care. Instead, we urged lawmakers to build on the great progress we have made in partnership with the state in transforming the healthcare system to achieve the Triple Aim.

"Rather than a quick fix, consumers and taxpayers would benefit from a bipartisan, long-term approach that manages cost growth over time, takes advantage of technology and innovation and strives to continuously find more effective and efficient ways to deliver high-quality care to all who need it." Contact: Jim Clancy

Published May 31, 2019