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HANYS announces infection prevention-focused partnership with PURPLESUN™

HANYS this week announced a new strategic business partnership with PURPLESUN Inc., a New York-based technology company. This partnership aims to arm more New York healthcare facilities with a powerful tool to reduce healthcare-associated infections caused by harmful viruses, bacteria and other germs.  

“Infection control continues to be a key priority for New York’s healthcare providers, especially in the midst of this pandemic,” said Bea Grause, RN, JD, president, HANYS. “PURPLESUN’s technology allows providers to achieve in minutes what would otherwise take hours. It’s a great option to help them more effectively and efficiently protect their patients and essential healthcare workers.”

PURPLESUN’s novel light-based technology platform, Focused Multivector Ultraviolet Shadowless Delivery™, is unlike any other ultraviolet solution and provides healthcare facilities with a smart, data-driven and sustainable solution to automate the process for disinfection of patient rooms and complex medical equipment. The PURPLESUN E300 product offers best-in-class efficacy, speed and workflow, treating contaminated areas and equipment for the purposes of disinfection in just 90 seconds with 99.99% efficacy.

Read our June 23 press release to learn more about this new partnership. Contact: Loretta Willis

Published June 26, 2020