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DOH Announces Community Service Plan Requirement Changes

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The Department of Health (DOH) has announced Community Service Plan (CSP) requirement changes. For this year’s report, which covers the period May 2007 through August 2008, the CSP process will change to be consistent with an initiative DOH is undertaking with HANYS to align the CSP and local health department Community Health Assessment (CHA) reporting cycles, by requiring the “comprehensive report” to be submitted every four years instead of every three years. This change will allow hospitals to better utilize data from the county health assessment.

To allow hospitals sufficient time to access data from the CHAs by collaborating with their local health departments, DOH is allowing hospitals to submit, in place of the comprehensive report, an annual “implementation summary report” by September 15. This implementation report must include the following six elements:

  • Mission
  • Public Participation in Processing & Notice to Public
  • Needs Assessment
  • Strategic Plan
  • Financial Statement
  • Corporate Structure

DOH e-mailed a letter to hospital chief executives about these changes. The letter is available on HANYS’ Web site at http://www.hanys.org/members_only/emergency/index.cfm in the “Highlighted Information” box. - Sue Ellen Wagner

Published March 26, 2008