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Questions & Answers


Q: Will HANYS continue to provide the Excel workbook at no cost?

A: Based on feedback and experience over the past few years, it has become clear that the Excel tool is no longer a viable option. HANYS has transitioned to using an SQL application for data entry and file development. The Excel tool has been retired.

Q: What are the alternatives to purchasing the tool?

The alternative to purchasing the HANYS Tool is for hospitals to use the free .CSV Flat File Template provided on the IPRO site to develop a file for data submission. Some hospital quality teams have worked with their IT or finance teams to create the flat file and use it for meeting the submission guidelines.

Q: Will HANYS continue to provide updated Word worksheets?

A: Yes, HANYS will continue to provide a Word version of the Data Abstraction Worksheet. The Word document can be found here.

Q: Will the tool be updated as regulatory changes are made?

A: Yes.

Q: When will the tool be available?

A: Mid-March.

Q: When failures are identified after submission to IPRO, how will this be handled?

A: Once those cases have been identified, based upon the feedback from IPRO, you will be able to go back and edit them in the tool. The .CSV can then be regenerated from the tool (for all cases or just those specific cases that were corrected) and resubmitted to the IPRO portal.

Q: Will each case still have to be uploaded individually to IPRO?

A: No, the tool generates a .CSV with multiple cases that can be submitted to the IPRO portal in one batch.


Q: Will technical support be available?

A: HANYS is committing to a full package of technical support, including a dedicated phone line and email box, available Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Q: What is needed for the tool to be installed?

A: System Requirements include:

  • .net Framework 4.0 or greater
  • Windows 7 OS minimum (Application is PC based)
  • Microsoft SQL Server Express (included with the application)
  • or
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 minimum (Facility provided and licensed)

The application is written in .net (VB .net/c# .net) and will be distributed as an executable (.exe) with a click once installation.

Q: What is involved in installation?

A: Installation is an .exe package. The user will need one-time installation rights on the computer that the tool will be installed on. The installation package will install the tool and the database on the computer and the .exe for accessing the application.

Q: Can the tool be placed on more than one computer?

The application “HANYSSepsisReporting.exe” can be installed on multiple computers. The back-end SQL database is what should be shared between the applications if they want all of their data in one location.

This database can be SQLExpress (which is free from Microsoft and can run on a PC or a server) or a licensed version of SQL server that the facility may already own. The database can run alongside the application on a single computer or on a networkaccessible server where multiple computers can access it.

Q: Does the tool use skip logic for answering questions?

A: Yes, the tool follows all of the rules/logic from Version 4.1 of the New York State Department of Health Data Dictionary and activates/deactivates questions depending upon the data entered. Required questions are indicated with an “*”.

Q: Will the tool allow for cut and paste capability?

A: Yes, you can cut and paste from any external source in to the individual fields in the tool.

Q: Can you tell me more about the ability to search for, and edit cases?

A: The tool currently has the ability to search for cases by a date range of when the case was entered, whether the records is complete, and whether it has been exported to .CSV for upload to IPRO portal. The tool allows for sorting on Unique Personal Identifier, Patient Control Number, Date of Birth, Medical Record Number, Date Created, Record Completed and CSV Generated.

Any case can be edited by selecting it from the search screen.

Q: What file management capabilities does the tool provide? For example, deleting a case.

A: File management will be handled mainly by the export to .CSV function of the tool. Users will have the option to export by a variety of criteria including completed records and date range. Since all records can be edited, deleting a record should not be necessary since the record can be corrected or a completely new record could be entered over the old one. If users find they need additional file management in the tool itself then we are committed to updates that increase the ease and user friendliness of the interface.

Q: Will the tool accept an uploaded file, and have the ability to populate the data into the required field(s)?

A: The initial release of the tool does not include this functionality. Importing data from other systems is an enhancement we are exploring for future updates.

Q: Is there EMR interfacing capability?

A: Currently, the Tool is unable to interface with an EMR, but this is something being researched as future enhancements or customizations for individual facilities. At the very least, in the future, we hope have an import function that allows hospitals to upload data that is exported from an EMR.

Q: Will the Tool generate reports?

A: The first version of the Tool will not include the ability to generate Reports, however, this is among the first new features we are exploring for future updates.


Q: What is the cost, and is this a one-time fee or annual?

A: The purchase price is $2,500.00 for HANYS members and $4,000.00 for non-members. This is an annual fee.

Q: We are a part of a system, with more than one hospital. Do we have to purchase the tool for each hospital?

A: Yes.


Q: What about one patient with two discharges in the same month?

A: Please refer to page 7 of the NYSDOH Data Dictionary for Severe Sepsis or Septic Shock, located at https://ny.sepsis.ipro.org/