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Submission Guidelines

Member Spotlight submissions should contain the following information:

  • the challenge your facility/system or community has faced;
  • steps your facility/system took to address this challenge;
  • if applicable, collaborations with community organizations or local businesses;
  • current or potential impacts your initiative will have on patients; and
  • results (please include any data or performance metrics).

Submissions should be 200 words or less. Please include a contact person to be listed on the published story, along with their title, email and phone number.

Please send completed submissions to spotlight@hanys.org.

Next steps

If selected, HANYS' in-house videographer will work with you to identify:

  • one person to be interviewed and tell your program's story;
  • opportunities for us to film your program in action; and
  • any existing photos or video that can help tell your story.