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Arnot Health Uses Predictive Analytics to Advance Care Coordination

Care coordination is essential to improving patient satisfaction and healthcare outcomes. It’s at the core of a strategic initiative that Arnot Health implemented to reduce readmissions and frequent emergency department visits at its three hospitals and 52 outpatient clinics across 55 miles.

For this project, Lean techniques (5-50, Five WHYs, and 20-80 Pareto Rules) were used to enhance quality improvement methodologies. Data-driven predictions from machine learning systems ensure that the focus is on the right population with the highest-risk scores, using outpatient and inpatient case management to assess clinical priorities. Daily analytical reports are used to maintain chronic disease management and keep high-risk patients away from the emergency department. Patients are provided direct contact to a case management team member who becomes their go-to person for any healthcare needs.

The success of the initiative is monitored using real-time dashboards and is presented to leadership for better visibility and sustainability. Results have shown improvements in patient satisfaction and readmission scores.