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Cohen Children’s Medical Center Addresses Needs of Children with Neurobehavioral Disorders

Providing quality care to children with neurobehavioral disorders can be a challenge for providers. These patients require specialized treatment processes to ensure the best outcomes. Hoping to address the unique needs of this population, Cohen Children’s Medical Center (a member of Northwell Health), created the BEE MindfulTM program.

BEE Mindful includes an interactive educational module designed to provide staff with a visual and auditory depiction of how a child with a neurobehavioral disorder hears and sees. It also includes a pediatric neurobehavioral assessment tool (PNAT) which allows staff to identify a child’s unique needs with appropriate, safe, quality interventions of care. This ensures that patients with special needs can be cared for in a manner that is safe and specific to their care requirements. The program alerts all team members to be mindful of the individual needs of each child prior to interaction.

After the program was implemented, length of hospitalization decreased by two days, bringing it below the national average. Use of physical restraints in general pediatric medical-surgical units decreased 63%. The annual cost avoidance due to the program is $437,000.

For more information, contact Jennifer L. Simonetti, RN, MSN, CPN, Assistant Director, Nursing, Magnet Program, at (718) 470-3249 or at jsimonet@northwell.edu or Sharon Goodman, RN, MA, CPNP, Assistant Director, Nursing, Pediatric Service Line, at (718) 470-3178 or at sgoodman3@northwell.edu.