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Ellenville Regional Hospital confronts cardiovascular disease

In Ellenville, the age-adjusted rates of ER visits for heart failure are 16.0 per 10,000, three times higher than the county rate and four times higher than the New York State rate. ER visits for hypertension are 47.1 per 10,000, double both the county and state rates. Ellenville Regional Hospital, a Critical Access Hospital serving 13,000 residents, has partnered with community organizations to address these considerable rates.

The Ellenville Regional Rural Health Network, a program cofounded by ERH, the Institute for Family Health and the Ulster County Department of Health and Mental Health, is working to address this communal epidemic through the Healthy Hearts program. The program is funded through the Health Resources and Services Administration Federal Office of Rural Health Policy’s Rural Healthcare Services Outreach Grant Program.

ERRHN is recruiting a cohort of 150 locals who have not yet been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, but have at least one risk factor for developing the disorder. Residents will be assigned a Community Health Worker who will work with them directly to overcome barriers they face in improving their health. ERRHN works with other community organizations to offer educational-, nutritional- and physical activity-based programs to the cohort members and any interested Ellenville residents.

For more information, contact Victoria Reid, LMSW, executive director of the Ellenville Regional Rural Health Network at (845) 647-4700, x326, or at vreid@ellenvilleregional.org.