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Good Samaritan Has Dedicated Program to Treat Seniors with Fractures

Research shows that patients 65 years of age and older are vulnerable and susceptible to fragility fractures and can have as high as a 25% mortality rate within one year of a fracture. Loss of function and independence is common among survivors. Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center instituted the Geriatric Fracture Program (GFP) to focus on the care of those in this age group who have sustained a fragility fracture.

GFP is a comprehensive program designed to reduce patient readmissions, length of stay, and mortality, and improve patient satisfaction. The program coordinates patient care from the emergency department through discharge, the continuum of care, and the return home. GFP streamlines admission, optimizes patients for surgery, and provides early surgical intervention, where appropriate. Dedicated clinical coordinators introduce the program to patients and families and serve as a point of contact throughout the continuum of care.

As a result, the readmission rate and patient mortality decreased. Surgical intervention for appropriate patients in less than 24 hours after admission was achieved for 100% of patients.