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Hospital for Special Surgery provides culturally competent osteoporosis care

Asian American older adults are at increased risk for developing osteoporosis since they tend to be slender with lower bone mass and avoid consuming dairy due to lactose intolerance, according to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases. Identifying this treatment challenge, in 2011, the Hospital for Special Surgery launched its Asian Community Bone Health Initiative to improve musculoskeletal health, physical function and overall quality of life for their aging Asian American patient population.

ACBHI partners with senior/community centers in New York City to implement onsite exercise classes targeted at reducing pain, decreasing stiffness and improving functional movement. They also offer educational lectures participants can watch live-streamed or attend in person at their local senior center. The lectures discuss an array of topics including osteoporosis, hip pain, fall prevention, exercise, stroke prevention and nutrition. The education and exercise classes are delivered in Mandarin or Cantonese to increase access and understanding and ensure the program is culturally competent.

In 2022, the program reached 651 participants through 13 hybrid exercise classes, five virtual lectures and 32 onsite exercise classes. The majority of participants reported increased knowledge (98%), increased self-management skills (97%), high program satisfaction (98%) and a high likelihood to recommend the program (96%). Participants indicated ACBHI provides seniors with tools to understand the importance of exercising, eating healthy and fall prevention awareness.

For more information, contact Vilma Briones, manager, community education and outreach, at brionesv@hss.edu