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NewYork-Presbyterian nourishes food security

Over the last year and a half, food insecurity has reached new levels, exacerbated by the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on economic security, accessibility and supply chain disruptions — with New York City making up 50% of all food insecure people in the state. To help local families access essential supplies such as food this holiday season, NewYork-Presbyterian is collaborating with community organizations to spread much-needed cheer.

This holiday season, NYP’s Choosing Healthy and Active Lifestyles for Kids food insecurity program is teaming up with the West Side Campaign Against Hunger and Feeding Westchester to provide food to NYP patients and families in need in local communities. Participants receive vouchers for turkey, grocery boxes filled with seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and shelf-stable foods.  

To help this effort, NYP’s program is hosting donations at six different sites across New York City and Westchester County. The initiative distributed more than 1.1 million pounds of healthy food through April, and since then, the program has to date donated 2 million pounds of healthy food to communities in need.

For more information, contact Joy Valenzuela, media relations, at jov9070@nyp.org or 917.848.1519.