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Phelps Hospital Streamlines Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer patients face a long journey throughout diagnosis and treatment. This journey is often filled with anxiety, concern, and uncertainty—but it doesn’t have to be. At Phelps Hospital, in the Northwell Health system, Alice Police, MD, and her Breast Center team are streamlining breast cancer treatment to give their patients high-quality care quickly and effectively while alleviating the emotional impact it has on patients’ lives.

As soon as a patient shows a symptom, an appointment is made with a breast surgeon within 24 to 72 hours. The surgeon schedules appropriate imaging, receiving the results within three days. Treatment is conducted using three novel technologies: intraoperative radiation therapy, SAVI SCOUT (a precise surgical guidance system that uses radar technology), and an intraoperative margin probe to reduce the need for follow-up surgeries.

Average diagnosis time at the Breast Center is two to four days, compared with the average two to six weeks. In some cases, initial breast cancer treatment can be completed within two weeks. These reductions in diagnosis and treatment time cut costs for the patient and health system, while easing patient stress.

For more information, contact Lisandra Mendez, Practice Office Associate, Cancer Treatment and Wellness, Northern Westchester Hospital, at 1-833-WBreast or at lmendez@northwell.edu.