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St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center Improves Medication Reconciliation

Complete and accurate medication lists for patients in the electronic medical record are integral to ensuring medication safety through all phases of patient care. St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center recognized that having comprehensive lists of patients’ medication, including what a patient is taking at home, prior to hospital admission, improves patient outcomes by avoiding erroneous and potentially harmful medication dosages/routes.

St. Catherine of Siena initiated a medication reconciliation pharmacist program in 2015, including key staff such as emergency department nurses and physicians, and hospitalists. In the program, hospital pharmacists interview patients, their families and, when necessary, nursing homes/assisted living facilities to review patients’ medication. This stops drug interactions, duplications, and non-formulary medications from being prescribed. Congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonia, and stroke admissions are specifically targeted, potentially stopping readmissions, facilitating early discharges, and improving patient safety and satisfaction up to and after discharge.

During a four-month review period, 2,971 errors were prevented and corrected for 917 patients. Additionally, the hospital realized an estimated return on investment at a four-month evaluation and 12-month projection of $205,925 and $617,760, respectively.

For more information, contact Michael S. Cucci, PharmD, RPh, Emergency Department Medication Reconciliation Pharmacist and Readmission’s Reduction Pharmacist, St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center, at (631) 862-3020 or at michael.cucci@chsli.org.