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St. Charles Hospital Improves Patient Satisfaction

St. Charles Hospital established the Improve Patient Engagement by Active Rounding of Leadership (i-PEARL) program as an initiative to proactively engage the leadership team with patients by listening to, communicating with, and supporting them and their family members during their hospital stay.

Every day, each i-PEARL administrator is assigned one to two patients to visit that day. Assigned patients are seen within 24 hours of assignment with follow-up visits scheduled as necessary. The administrators introduce themselves to their patients, explain their role, ask brief targeted questions, and resolve any identified issues. At monthly i-PEARL huddles, administrators report to the committee their experiences during rounding visits and discuss identified trends and patterns and actions taken to resolve issues.

Since implementation of the program, patient complaints have declined dramatically while compliments increased. Additionally, with the implementation of rounding with “words that work,” the hospital has seen a 6.1% improvement in its Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) “Overall Hospital Rating” patient satisfaction score.