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St. Joseph Hospital Improves Emergency Department Processes and Patient Experience

To develop the core of their emergency department (ED) throughput project, St. Joseph Hospital of Catholic Health Services of Long Island, adopted concepts from LEAN and the Stanford Operating System (SOS), including several technological, managerial, and communications methods. The goal of the project was to improve patient satisfaction; decrease wait times; improve clinical care; and decrease lost revenue from patients leaving without treatment.

During implementation of the project, St. Joseph Hospital experienced increased patient volume over the previous year (over 1,000 patients more), and achieved positive outcomes while remaining cost-neutral. As a result of this initiative, length of stay decreased 10.9% for “treat and release” patients; length of stay decreased 14.7% for patients to be admitted to the hospital; patients who left the ED against medical advice decreased 26.3%; and patients who returned to the ED within 72 hours of ED discharge decreased 67.5%.