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St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital Enhances Asthma Care Outcomes

In 2014, St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital identified asthma as a condition that caused a large number of patients to seek care in the emergency department. They met with the Hudson Valley Asthma Coalition (HVAC) and collaborated with them to improve asthma care in their county. Together with several community-based organizations, St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital improved the education provided to asthma patients in an effort to reduce unnecessary emergency department and inpatient visits.

The newly formed task force established a registry of patients ages 5-30 who presented two or more times with asthma to the emergency department. The group worked together to educate patients and caregivers on medications and implemented an “Asthma Action Plan” to ensure follow-up with a primary care physician. They also trained healthcare providers on best practices and certification while expanding asthma care plans to the inpatient setting.

Within one year, St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital decreased asthma patient readmission and unnecessary presentation to the emergency department by over 70%.